Enterprise Intelligent Reporting

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Intelligent Reporting is a powerful analytics tool, allowing business owners to access business information in real-time, from anywhere. This white paper will show how to:
  • Track

    Monitor sales reports from anywhere.
  • Check

    Check inventory on the fly, and reorder items when necessary.
  • View

    View employee data, including payroll and productivity.

From brick & mortar to stadiums, we cover it all.

Features to help along the way...

Our goal is make sure you can run your dream business. Let us manage the "ins and outs" of your business, while you sit back, relax, and watch your dream turn to reality.

  • Always On Mode

    Continue processing payments and orders to keep businesses up and running even when the Internet or power is out.

  • Intelligent Reporting

    Access detailed reports on completed sales and order history summaries to gain insight into top selling items.

  • Employee Management

    Manage employee schedules and ensure you have the right workforce scheduled based on sales history and forecasts.