Step Up The In-Person Experience

An April 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Revel Systems

An April 2016 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Revel Systems of 150 decision-makers at retailers and restaurants with at least 25 locations in the United States shows that advanced POS empowers employees to delight customers and optimize retail and restaurant operations.

Restaurants and Retail Stores are changing. It's time to step up the in person experience.

All About Experience

Point-of-sale systems as tied with omnichannel fulfillment were ranked the No. 1 among retailers who have planned digital technology investment for 2016 with mobile point-of-sale counterparts a close 2nd.

A Point of Sale Platform

Only 45% of retailers and 44% of restaurants, on average have a given back-end system integrated with their POS - severely restricting the functionality that frontline employees need to service customers and optimize operations.

Rich Data

The vast majority of our survey respondents recognize this critical role of their POS, with 86%, 84% and 83% telling us that the opportunity to collect new and expanded insights on customers, operations and product, respectively, had at least moderate influence on their decisions to implement their systems.

It has never been harder to please retail and restaurant customers and the consequences of not doing so have never been more severe! What does it take to meet today’s customers expectations? And how can retailers and restaurateurs empower their employees to do so?

In the study you'll find how...

• Digital experience is central to customer and employee experience.

• Insufficient POS integrations fail to empower employees to deliver outstanding experiences.

• Rich POS data can improve strategy and operations.

Data doesn't lie.

“A whopping 93% agreed that it is important to infuse digital capabilities into physical locations to improve customer experience”

- Forrester Data